32 Gb/sec Protocol-aware BERT for 4th-gen standards Rx test

February 01, 2017 // By Graham Prophet
Tektronix' BSX series BERTScope features built-in de-emphasis, fast protocol handshaking for PCIe 4.0, USB 3.1 receiver validation and troubleshooting.

Tek presents the unit as the first 32 Gb/sec protocol-aware bit error rate test and analysis system, to characterize the receiver in Gen3 and Gen4 devices and to shorten the time needed to debug link training and bit error rate issues.


As 4th generation serial protocols such as PCIe 4.0, USB3.1, and SAS4 become more complex, Tek comments, it has become increasingly difficult to place a receiver being tested into an appropriate state (such as a loopback state) for testing without protocol handshaking between the instrument and the device under test. With its protocol-aware functions, the BSX Series provides the tools and flexibility needed to visualize and control the handshaking and link training process for devices running up to 32 Gb/sec. Tek adds, "Receiver testing is more than just getting a bit-error rate number – it's understanding why you are getting a particular bit-error rate value, or handshaking failure. The BSX Series delivers unique visibility into the underlying root cause of physical layer issues by capturing the exact location and timing of bit errors."


Available with maximum data rates of 12.5 Gb/sec, 24 Gb/sec and 32 Gb/sec, the BSX Series is available with tools that automate compliance testing, aiding accurate and repeatable measurements for the large number of test cases required in the Gen4 standards. With built-in Tx equalization, reference clock multiplication, and interference generation, the BSX Series requires fewer cables and is easier to set up and calibrate than previous offerings. The BSX Series continuously stores the context (timing, bit position) of each bit error. Sophisticated error analysis tools such as pattern sensitivity and forward error correction emulation use this information to help developers understand the factors contributing to bit errors. Pricing starts at $199,000 (US).


Tek: www.tek.com/bsx