320 measurement channels with DMM / Multiplexer combination

January 21, 2014 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
The M300 from Rigol Technologies combines a digital multimeter (DMM) with a gauge head selector switch, resulting in a versatile system which is capable of further expansion

Rigol's M300 can be extended with five plug-ins and, optionally, with a 6½ digit DMM, ten different switch and control modules that use bipolar switches to select matrix cards. For direct connection to a PC or notebook, all relevant interfaces such as LAN (LXI) USB, RS232 and GPIB are available. The modular system features from 16, up to a maximum of 320, channels in a single box and combines measurement capability with flexible signal connections for multiple text and measurement applications. A “Web Interface and controller” offers remote control over the network with measurement configuration, data logging and monitoring. No computer is required for field applications. A USB flash drive can be used to upload data logging configurations from the UltraAcquire PC-Software data logger into the M300 and to transfer large data sets back to the computer.
Rigol;  www.rigol.eu