320W DC/DC regulated & isolated converters in compact outline

December 14, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Vicor has extended its range of DCM modules using its own VIA package format; three additional 48V input nominal modules (36-75V range), in a 3414 VIA package (3.38 x 1.40 x 0.37 in, or 86 x 35.5 x 9.4 mm), have output voltages of 12, 24, and 48V, with power levels of 320W, achieving a power density up to 183 W/in³.

With regulation accuracy of ±0.5%, and with integral heatsinking in the VIA package, the devices are modular DC-DC converters operating from an unregulated, wide range input, to generate an isolated and regulated high efficiency output with much higher power densities than alternative products. These DCMs offer enhanced functional integration by incorporating EMI filtering, transient protection, inrush current limiting, and a secondary-referenced control interface for trim, enable and remote-sensing. Configurations are available for both on-board mounting and for chassis mounting.


Vicor; www.vicorpower.com