3A transistors in a 1.1-mm² leadless plastic package

November 04, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
NXP has increased current/ board area values with high Ptot MOSFET and bipolar transistors with benchmark values for low RDSon and VCEsat for power management and load switches in space-critical applications.

Claimed as the first transistors in a 1.1 x 1 x 0.37 mm low-profile DFN (discrete flat no-leads) package. The new portfolio consists of 25 types including low R DSon MOSFETs, as well as low saturation and general purpose transistors that boost current capabilities up to 3.2 A. The ultra-small form factor and high performance suit the new product families for power management and load switches in portable and space-constrained applications.

“Achieving this high value for drain and collector current in such a small plastic package is unprecedented,” said Joachim Stange, product manager, transistors, NXP Semiconductors.

The new product series is available in two package versions: the single-die DFN1010D-3 (SOT1215) package with a power dissipation capability of 1 W comes with the special feature of tin-plated, solderable side pads. These side pads meet strict automotive requirements by offering the advantage of optical soldering inspection, as well as a better quality of solder connection compared to conventional leadless packages. The dual-die package DFN1010B-6 (SOT1216) with the 1.1-mm² footprint is the smallest package available for dual transistors.

The products in DFN1010 can replace many WL-CSP devices, as well as larger DFN and standard leaded SMD packages such as SOT23 which is eight times the size, while delivering equivalent or even better performance.

Features include;

Low R DSon values down to 34mOhm

I D up to 3.2 A

Voltage range of 12 V to 80 V

ESD protection of 1 kV

Single low V CEsat (BISS) transistors

Low V CEsat values down to 70 mV

Collector current (I C) up to 2 A, Peak collector current (I CM) up to 3 A

V CEO of 30 V and 60 V

AEC-Q101 qualification

Dual NPN/PNP resistor-equipped (digital) transistor (100 mA, R1=R2=47 kOhm / AEC-Q101 qualified)


NXP’s low RDSon MOSFETs: www.nxp.com/group/12065

NXP’s low VCEsat transistors: www.nxp.com/group/10921

Product information on GP transistor in DFN1010B-6: www.nxp.com/pip/BC847QAPN

Product information on RET (Digital transistor) in DFN1010B-6: