3G-SDI, dual channel video/audio capture card supports up to 12-bit pixel depth

August 07, 2013 // By Julien Happich
Adlink Technology has released its first SDI video/audio capture card, the PCIe-2602, based on the PCI Express x4 interface, and enabling dual-channel acquisition of 3G-SDI for low latency and uncompressed video data signals up to 1920x1080p/60fps.

The card provides lossless full colour 4:4:4 video and up to 12-bit video data for critical applications such as medical imaging, intelligent video surveillance and analytics, and broadcasting.The PCIe-2602 supports all SD/HD/3G-SDI signals and operates at six times the resolution of regular VGA connections. PCIe-2602 also provides unrivalled video quality with lossless full colour YUV 4:4:4 images, for sharper and cleaner images.

When combined with a suitable 75Ω coaxial cable, PCIe-2602 signals can be transmitted over 100m, requiring no significant modification of existing analogue-based CCTV systems, with employment of existing coaxial cable networks representing significant savings.

The card is equipped with RS-485 and digital input and output, accommodating external devices such as PTZ cameras and sensors, supports Windows 7/XP operating systems, and Adlink's bundled ViewCreator Pro utility enables setup, configuration, testing, and system debugging without requiring any software programming.

ADLINK Technology;  www.adlinktech.com