4-channel 'scopes added to Tek's low-cost range

September 12, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
Tektronix' TBS1000 oscilloscope series gains three new 4-channel models at 60 MHz, 100 MHz and 150 MHz bandwidth. Designed and built by Tektronix, the TBS1000 oscilloscopes have a 5-year warranty.

With a full set of the most frequently used measurement types and analysis functions, 4-channel TBS1000 oscilloscopes range in price from $990 for a 4-channel 60 MHz model to $1,790 for a 4-channel 150 MHz oscilloscope. The instruments offer performance and accuracy with up to 1 Gsample/sec sample rate and 2% dc gain accuracy down to 2 mV/div.

Both the 2- and 4-channel oscilloscopes include a fully-featured, fully documented programmatic interface for instrument control and data transfer, a waveform logging feature that allows users to log waveforms to a USB flash drive, and a pass/fail mask test that allows a user to specify a tolerance band around the signal and take action if the signal goes outside the band.

Tektronix; www.tek.com/oscilloscope/tbs1000-digital-storage-oscilloscope