4-port vector network analyser spans 70 kHz to 110 GHz

May 18, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Anritsu's VectorStar ME7838A4 claims broadest differential sweep, best stability, and fastest measurement speed for improved differential device characterisation.

The instrument is a 4-port broadband vector network analyser (VNA) system with the widest-available differential broadband sweep from 70 kHz to 110/125 GHz, that uses the smallest mmWave modules to conduct highly stable and fast measurements when characterising differential devices. The ME7838A4 provides on-wafer and signal integrity engineers with a new level of performance when conducting differential measurements so they have greater confidence in their next-generation communications system designs.

A key advantage of the VectorStar ME7838A4 4-port broadband system is the integration of the 3743A mmWave modules. Using an Anritsu design that incorporates nonlinear transmission line technology (NLTL), the modules are much more compact than competitive alternatives, for easy mounting on space-limited wafer probe station platens. Smaller and lighter modules improve overall performance, including superior raw directivity performance that results in superior calibration stability. Modules are available that can extend the VectorStar ME7838A4 to a 4-port 145 GHz system.

The VectorStar ME7838A4 4-port broadband system uses an internal substrate-mounted source for thermal stability, resulting in best-available calibration and measurement stability of 0.1 dB over 24 hours. It also features best-in-class measurement speed of 55 msec for 201 points at 10 kHz IFBW.

Engineers benefit from mmWave noise floor sensitivity and the only available mmWave real-time electronic power levelling that eliminates the need for time-lagging software correction tables. Because internal frequency multiplication begins at 54 GHz in the VectorStar ME7838A4 compared to 67 GHz for other 4-port broadband systems, RF cable losses are reduced for improved dynamic range and phase stability.

Anritsu’s advanced True Mode Stimulus is available for the VectorStar ME7838A4. With the option, engineers can program two internal signals to deliver a true 180⁰ (or 0⁰ for common mode) differential signal for comprehensive device analysis.

Anritsu; www.anritsu.com