40 GHz handheld cable and antenna analyser

January 28, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Anritsu’s Microwave Site Master S820E is claimed as the first handheld cable and antenna analyser with frequency coverage up to 40 GHz.

In addition to frequency coverage of 1 MHz to 40 GHz, the instrument offers field technicians, engineers and wireless network installers dynamic range, directivity, and durability so they can conduct highly accurate measurements during the installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of microwave communications systems. The Site Master S820E also incorporates Vector Network Analyser (VNA) measurement functionality.

With dynamic range of 110 dB up to 40 GHz, the instrument offers, Anritsu claims, in-the-field performance typically only achieved with a benchtop instrument; frequency resolution of 1 Hz provides maximum frequency flexibility for users. The wide frequency coverage provides high-resolution distance determination, so the handheld analyser can conduct more accurate Distance-To-Fault (DTF) measurements.

Sweep speed is 650 µsec/data point; directivity is the highest available in a handheld analyser for maximum field accuracy. It also features RF immunity of +17 dBm, exceeding any other microwave handheld cable and antenna analyser, to acquire stable, accurate measurements in the harshest RF environments.

Designed for measuring coaxial and waveguide systems, Site Master S820E conducts all key one-port measurements, such as return loss, VSWR, cable loss, DTF, phase, and Smith Chart. Users can also conduct two-port transmission measurements and two-port cable loss tests with the Site Master S820E. The analyser features Anritsu’s easyTest Tools that enables tests to be standardised for repeatable measurements, as well as Line Sweep Tools for simplified reporting.

Anritsu is developing VNA measurements for the Site Master S820E. The optional software will expand the measurement capabilities of the cable and antenna analyser to include key VNA field measurements, including full-reversing two-port S-parameters and time domain with gating.

The S820E has a four-hour battery life, and a touchscreen measuring 8.4 inches with 800x600 resolution so users can easily view results in all lighting conditions. It meets MIL-PRF-28800F for use in explosive atmospheres, measures 273 x 199 x 91 mm and weighs 3.0 kg. Anritsu offers full temperature coax calibration kits from -10° C to +55°