400 to 4000MHz, USB-connected, dual-port vector network analyser

December 13, 2013 // By Julien Happich
The VNA-0440 vector network analyser from MegiQ is a bi-directional two-port unit allowing detailed impedance measurements of antennas, circuits and components. With its 400 to 4000MHz measuring range, the instrument covers the most popular communication bands for GSM-LTE, GPS, ISM, Wifi, and Dect.

A version with an extra generator output allows the characterisation of 3-port devices, such as splitters and hybrids. It features an internal, programmable bias generator with bias-Ts allowing full automatic parametric measurements of amplifier and varactor or PIN circuits. A UFL kit allows you to measure circuits on micro-PCBs, for example baluns, antennas, and amplifiers. Other kits are available, such as WFL, SMA, balanced, including calibration tools.

The 'RF Sandbox' provides new users with a series of experiments, so they can be operational within 10 minutes. PC software provides intuitive control, extensive graphing, data export and reporting. Measurements and set-ups can be stored in sessions for easy 'Retrace-and-Compare'. The 'Click-and-Match’ function calculates and simulates matching circuits.

Megic;  www.megiq.com