40A point-of-load power-conversion for high-performance FPGAs, SoCs and memory

April 08, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Altera has announced, from the product line it acquired with the purchase of Enpirion, a power conversion product aimed at board developers designing point-of-load power solutions, to achieve maximum FPGA performance at the lowest system power.

The power conversion product is a monolithic 40A driver-plus-synchronous MOSFET powertrain, optimised to meet the core requirements of Altera's Stratix V, Arria 10, and Stratix 10 FPGAs and SoCs.

ET4040 meets the core voltage requirements of high-performance FPGAs, processors and memory. Systems designers can use the 40A powertrain to efficiently power the FPGA's core supply rails in single-phase or multiphase configurations. It can also be used in V DDQ supply rails for DDR3, DDR4, and QDR memories as well as supplying all high-current supply rails for ASIC and ASSPs.

The ET4040 powertrain offers 40A continuous output current over industrial temperature range (-40C to +85C) and across an input range of 4.5 to 14V. It delivers low R ds-on and low switching loss while enabling high efficiency at high frequencies (up to 3 MHz switching frequency). The device's on-board monolithic current sense enables use of a lower loss inductor for better system efficiency while also providing a vast improvement in reliability and thermal performance over competing solutions on the market.

Altera; www.altera.com