46-inch multi-touch chassis display supports 60-finger multi-touch capability

December 20, 2012 // By Julien Happich
3M has developed a multi-touch 46-inch chassis display combining 60-finger multi-touch capabilities with an ultra-wide viewing angle and high-definition 1080p for up-close, multiple user interactions.

The 46-inch Multi-Touch Display C4667PW chassis from 3M is capable of tracking 60 simultaneous touch events at less than 12 millisecond response speed with palm rejection, while the 32-inch tracks 40 simultaneous touches with a 10ms response time. These full multi-touch LFDs help create a more natural interactive experience for users seeking an enlarged touch area or applications for multiple users. The display's anti-stiction surface further enhances users' experience by enabling their fingers to glide effortlessly across the glass surface while maintaining positive contact with the screen. Both the Multi-Touch Display C4667PW and Multi-Touch Display C3266PW chassis from 3M offer an ultra-wide 178-degree viewing angle (horizontal/vertical) making them suitable for off-axis viewing and multi-user table configurations. The 32-inch display’s thin profile metal chassis housing is 66.8mm deep with a 200mm VESA mounting pattern and offers a metal bezel for a finished appearance that can be removed for integration into flat front surface tables and walls.

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