4M Wireless licenses protocol stack to Wuxi

April 09, 2012 // By Peter Clarke
4M Wireless in Luton, UK, has licensed its Terminal LTE protocol stack to Wuxi DSP Technologies in China and its Optimum Semiconductor Technologies US subsidiary.

The agreement will enable Wuxi DSP to develop the LTE-TDD trunk communications for the wireless infrastructure of private network markets in China, said 4M.

The Broadband Digital Trunking Standard is aimed for industrial applications of private network system in China. It provides dispatching assistance for emergencies such as natural disasters and other public security occurrences. It also supports commercial markets such as maritime and airport services, oil and logistics. Rollout of the Broadband Digital Trunking Standard in China is supported by the government.

Wuxi DSP Technologies makes use of an Optimum Semiconductor software defined radio (SDR) baseband chipset and the Sandblaster SB3500 DSP core acquired when Wuxi bought Sandbridge Technologies in 2011. The SB3500 DSP has a multi-threaded architecture that allows easy portability of the 4M Wireless LTE user equipment protocol stack.

The 4M Wireless PS100 LTE TDD/FDD protocol stack is fully compliant with the 3GPP LTE specifications. It is in use in several TD-LTE basebands and has undergone significant field trials and lab test in China. The 4M Wireless protocol stack has passed out-door and in-door qualification programs of the Chinese MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) and is deployed in several commercially available baseband solutions for the European Digital Dividend project, which is at present used in several countries in the Central European region.