4U-high 19-inch MicroTCA system incorporates thermal-management and redundancies

November 02, 2012 // By Julien Happich
New from electronics packaging specialist Schroff is a 4U-high 19-inch MicroTCA system that incorporates the thermal-management and redundancy features needed to ensure high availability, while keeping space requirements to a minimum.

Particularly suitable for use in telecoms applications, the new system is designed to accommodate 12 single mid-size AdvancedMC modules, two single full-size MicroTCA Carrier Hubs and two single power modules up to 12HP in width. The system conforms to the PICMG MTCA.0 R1.0 base specification and is
equipped with a backplane using dual-star topology for interconnections between the slots, which allows the implementation of a fully redundant system.
Cooling redundancy is provided by two rear-mounted hot-swap fan modules, each including two temperature-controlled fans and an EMMC cooling unit manager. Airflow is from front to rear, and the air-inlet filter can be replaced from the front of the unit. Housed in a 296mm-deep shielded steel case with 19in. rack-mounting brackets, the system is finished in RAL 9005 black powder-coated paint and
is supplied with guide rails for vertical mounting of boards within the card cage.

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