4W RF power module in plastic: and efficient Doherty amplifier components

June 03, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Freescale has added to its RF power device ranges with the 4W Airfast AFT05MS004N that combines gain, efficiency and bandwidth in a SOT-89 plastic package: and second-generation Airfast PAs - RF power LDMOS devices that break the 50 percent Doherty efficiency barrier

The AFT05MS004N 4W RF power device is for handheld and mobile radio applications. The device delivers outstanding low power operation and extends the company’s support of mobile radio power levels to the 4W - 75W range. Performance features include high gain to reduce the number of stages, energy efficiency improvements that reduce heat sink form factors, and exceptional ruggedness at a > 65:1 VSWR survivability rating for continuous reliable operation in extreme environments. The AFT05MS004N offer broad bandwidth operation and is characterised at frequencies from 136 to 941 MHz and can operate as low as 2 MHz. It is available in a cost-effective SOT-89 plastic package. The AFT05MS004N is suitable for a range of applications including public safety radios, professional mobile radios, electric metering, M2M communications and industrial drivers.


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