50 Msample/sec 16-bit DAC demo board with FPGA option

September 16, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Linear Technology’s demonstration circuit 2459A employs its LTC1668, 50 Msample/sec, 16-bit digital-to-analog converter. This high performance DAC is aimed at applications with analog frequency content between the audio range and several MHz.

DC2459A is a complete redesign of the original demonstration circuit. Several signal conditioning options are available for the analogue output, and digital signals may be provided by one of several low cost FPGA development boards. Example FPGA code is provided, which produces digital sine wave data for the DAC.


Demonstration boards for semiconductor products enable synergy between the “Maker” community and production designs. A 50 Msample/sec DAC requires a carefully laid out board, and a digital signal source to go with it. A benchtop digital pattern generator is the tool of choice, but is Linear observes, an expensive proposition if you don’t own one and you just need to evaluate a DAC. A number of boards from the maker community provide the right mix of capability, ease of use and low cost. Boards such as DC2459A provide makers with access to true high performance devices, example code, and a well laid out PC board for projects and prototyping.


One of the digital connectors on DC2459A is directly compatible with the popular “Mojo” Spartan 6 FPGA board from Embedded Micro. The Mojo also features an onboard ATmega32U4 processor with Arduino bootloader, providing options for controlling the LTC1668, or making use of Linduino code (www.linear.com/solutions/linduino) to add additional analog and mixed-signal functionality.


Linear Technology; www.linear.com


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