55x20x3.5mm dev module packs LoRa, WiFi and Bluetooth

February 03, 2016 // By Julien Happich
Pycom's second project on Kickstarter, LoPy is a WiFi, Bluetooth and LoRa (Low Power WAN) enabled module supporting 10x faster programming with MicroPython scripting.

Developed as a follow-up project from Pycom's original WiPy Kickstarter feedback (where 60% of backers expressed their preference for a new WiFi and Bluetooth module and 20% for a new WiFi and LoRa module), the LoPy not only has all three, but it also doubles up as a LoRa Nano Gateway, able to connect up to 100 other LoPys in a 5km radius. The Amsterdam-based startup has formed partnerships with LoRa network operators like Senet and ThingsNetwork to give LoPy users the best possible network coverage.

LoPy uses MicroPython's open source scripting language to reduce microcontroller coding time, greatly decreasing the time to market for connected products. The company will make available ready to use coding templates all editable with the Pymakr IDE to be launched in March. Thanks to its multiple radios, the LoPy can bridge data across a smartphone and the LoRa network for versatile networking and messaging applications.

Visit the Kickstarter project at http://www.pycom.io/Kickstarter2

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