6 kW electronic load broadens test scope with 1 kV rating

August 26, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
The high voltage EL9718E-M1 1000V 6 kw electronic load has been developed for high voltage applications and offers the same range of features found in the EL97 series of electronic loads.

The EL9718E-M1 has an input rating of 0-1000 Vdc at 0-120A and is capable of sinking 6000W of input power. All connections are found at the rear of the unit and can be easily enclosed for safety, when using the unit as a bench top instrument or if integrated into a complete a test system cabinet. All manual controls and displays are easy to access on the front panel.

Each unit comes with its own remote software to run on a Windows 7 PC which may then control the load via the USB interface module. Once connected to the PC all the functions of the load's front panel are displayed on the computer monitor.

The load can be controlled using the interactive PC software or instantly handed back to the load’s own front panel. In both cases the PC monitor will clearly display the activity the load is performing.

The load offers six modes of operation (CC, CR, CV, CC+CV, CR+CV) with fast rise-times and features dual range 16-bit resolution measurements with the accuracy of a digital multi-meter and the convenience of a single connection. The loads are fully protected against OP, OC, OV, OT and reverse polarity ensuring operational reliability and protection for the device under test. Special features include 999 measurements per hour, constant current mode soft-start, dynamic pulsing and programmable duty cycles.

The unit has also been designed for integration into automated systems using an Ethernet connection controlled by INTEPRO’s open-source PowerStar software suite. With over 100 inbuilt test routines PowerStar will now fully automate the control of the EL9718E-M1 along with other equipment through a user defined test sequence. All the results are captured and sent to a SQL database.

Interpro; www.inteproate.com