60 GHz, gigabit rate, beam-steered wireless modem platform demonstration

February 13, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Blu Wireless Technology is to show its 60GHz ‘Lightning’ module at Mobile World Congress 2015. The multi-gigabit wireless baseband system IP specialist will demonstrate its 60GHz ‘Lightning’ gigabit modem modules that incorporate beam formed air interfaces.

Blu Wireless has integrated its gigabit baseband technology HYDRA with 60 GHz active phased array radio technology into the ‘Lightning’ module, to deliver gigabit modem capability with dual gigabit Ethernet switch connectivity. Auto beam training capability is implemented using advanced electronic beamforming technology. This provides the benefit of not requiring antenna alignment during installation together with the ability to adapt beam direction to environmental changes – such as temporary beam blockage.

The module also integrates a full ‘OpenFlow’ SDN client which supports wireless mesh networking. It is currently being deployed as part of the Bristol is Open experimental network to demonstrate gigabit rate wireless mesh networking for dynamic data backhaul applications.

The ‘Lightning’ module is integrated into a robust mechanical housing (see attached pic) for deployment in outdoor applications and is available with mounting kit for lamppost deployment.

Mark Barrett, CMO at Blu Wireless commented: “The ‘Lightning’ module represents a total system solution for the next generation of flexible gigabit capable backhaul technologies. The unique combination of low profile 60 GHz phased array technology, gigabit modem and adaptive mesh networking using SDN ‘Openflow’ techniques will deliver lower TCO [total cost of ownnership] and scalable data delivery capabilities to service the increased data demand of mobile networks”

Blu Wireless Technology; www.bluwirelesstechnology.com