600V power MOSFETs with integrated high speed diodes

October 14, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Latest members of Toshiba’s DTMOS IV power MOSFETs series have very short diode trr (reverse recovery time) and low thermal coefficient of RDS(ON)

For use in high efficiency power supplies and either full or half bridge motor control applications, reverse recovery time (trr) of the HSDs suffer from only minimised thermal influence, ensuring fast switching across a wide range of temperatures. The TK5P60W5 (with I D = 4.5A and R DS(ON) = 0.99 Ω) is housed in the smallest package in the series, a DPAK (TO-252) package, and achieves a diode reverse recovery time t rr of typically 65 nsec. The input capacitance (C iss) of 370 pF and a Q G of 11.5 nC, support efficient switching operation.

The TK62N60W5 (R DS(ON) of 0.045 Ω) is the largest MOSFET in the series, is housed in a 3-pin TO-247 package and supports the highest power output of I D = 61.8A. It achieves a typical diode trr of 170 nsec, C iss of 6500 pF and Q G of 205 nC.

The DTMOS IV-H chips are made using Toshiba’s Deep Trench technology that delivers lower ON resistance at higher temperatures, compared to conventional super junction MOSFETs. It also offers reduced turn-off switching losses (E OSS) than previous technology generations. The combination of smaller increases in R DS(ON) at high temperatures and reduced diode t rr provides higher efficiency and assists designers in minimising system size.

Toshiba Electronics Europe; www.toshiba.semicon-storage.com