60V, 7A micro-Module regulator drives LEDs, supercaps, lasers & Peltiers

March 22, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
LTM8064 is a step-down DC/DC µModule (micro-module/power module) regulator with a 6V to 58V (60Vmax) input voltage range and adjustable load current control with ±10% accuracy at 7A.

The LTM8064 can be used as a point-of-load step-down regulator operating from 24V, 36V and 48V voltage rails used in communication infrastructure, high end computers, test equipment, automotive, avionics and a wide variety of industrial equipment. It operates as a constant current source to precisely regulate and control (adjust) the load current up to 7A when sourcing and 9.1A when sinking. Applications requiring precision load current control include Peltier devices for cooling and heating, battery and supercapacitor chargers, LED and laser drivers, and motor and fan controllers.


Housed in a 16 x 11.9 x 4.92 mm BGA package, the device includes DC/DC controller, MOSFETs, inductor and supporting components. Only two resistors, bulk input capacitors and output capacitors are required to complete the design.


The LTM8064 has an adjustable output voltage range of 1.2V to 36V. The switching frequency is adjustable by a single external resister from 100 kHz to 1 MHz or it can be synchronised to an external clock from 120 kHz to 1 MHz. It is rated for operation from -40°C to 125°C and is priced at $16.50 (1000).


Linear Technology; www.linear.com/product/LTM8064


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