60V LED drivers support up to 18 LEDs in series

February 13, 2013 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
At the Strategies in Light exposition currently taking place in Santa Clara, Calif. chipmaker Infineon Technologies introduced two 60V DC/DC LED drivers that offer excellent power conversion efficiency, benchmark current accuracy that helps assure constant light output, and first-in-the-industry adjustable over-temperature protection that protects light elements from damage through overheating.

The new ILD6070/ILD6150 drivers give lighting manufacturers the flexibility to produce multiple products using the same drivers, based on wide input voltage range from 4.5 V to 60V, adjustable output current of up to either 0.7 A or 1.5 A, and support of digital or analog dimming inputs, with a maximum dimming contract ratio as high as 3000:1. 

With the addition of 60V devices to its portfolio, Infineon enables manufacturers to support as many as 18 LEDs in a light string, compared to a maximum of 12 LEDs in typically available 40V devices. This helps manufacturers to lower costs or achieve higher lumens in a lighting system. 

“As the lighting industry's transition to LED-based luminaires accelerates, with growth rates forecast at 30 percent across the next several years, manufacturers need to simultaneously innovate in engineering design while doing everything possible to gain competitive advantage in performance and cost,” said Christian Burrer, Head of Product Segment AC/DC and Lighting ICs at Infineon Technologies.

The new drivers extend Infineon’s portfolio of switched-mode, buck (step-down) topology LED drivers for low voltage driven lighting applications, including indoor and outdoor systems in residential, commercial and industrial environments. They operate at up to 1 MHz switching frequency, which reduces manufactured cost and PCB space by reducing the size of external components needed in a design. Reduced size is also supported by the high efficiency and corresponding improved thermal performance of the drivers. 

Benchmark features of the new devices include

  • Typical DC/DC conversion efficiency up to 98 percent, which improves overall efficiency of a luminaire and reduces thermal load.
  • Current accuracy of 3 percent across the full 4.5V to 60V input range, which contributes to exceptional stability of light output.
  • The adjustable over temperature protection feature, which reduces light output when a threshold temperature is reached instead of turning off the light. With this feature, an LED light will always operate in a non-critical thermal