64-Mbit parallel flash memory; fast and secure

May 07, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Microchip’s parallel flash memory device, SST38VF6401BSST38VF6401B, delivers ultra-fast performance and security features for embedded applications. CMOS SuperFlash technology offers increases reliability, and the high performance is combined with flexible read/write options & seamless partitioning.

SST38VF6401B is a 4M x16 CMOS Advanced Multi-Purpose Flash Plus (Advanced MPF+) device manufactured with Microchip’s CMOS SuperFlash technology, using a split-gate cell design and thick-oxide tunnelling injector for better reliability and manufacturability. This device conforms to JEDEC standard pin assignments for x16 memories.

With an operating voltage range from 2.7 to 3.6V, fast read and program times, and advanced protection features this parallel Flash memory suits a variety of applications. The memory is partitioned into uniform 32 kWord and non-uniform 8 kWord blocks, offering flexible erase capabilities and seamless partitioning for program code and data.

The memory offers high performance with flexible read and write options, including random read access time of 70 nsec; page read access time of 25 nsec; erasing sectors and blocks as fast as 18 msec; erasing the entire Flash memory chip in 40 msec; a word-programming time of 7 µsec; and a write-buffer programming time of 1.75 µsec, typical. The device offers reliability of 100,000 endurance cycles, typical, and greater than 100 years of data retention. The active read current of these devices is 25 mA, typical, at 5 MHz, and standby current is 5 µA, typical. The SST38VF6401B also provides various levels of protection and security features such as Security-ID, hardware boot-block protection, individual block protection, password protection, and irreversible block locking.

Use it in applications including set-top boxes, multi-functional printers, digital televisions, as well as audio, video and infotainment products for cars. It is suited for use in networking and industrial applications, such as gateways, switches and industrial control equipment.

Microchip; www.microchip.com/get/B720