64GB solid state drive on a secure chip

March 18, 2015 // By Julien Happich
With its second generation of highly secure 64 gigabyte solid state drive (SSD), Microsemi Corporation aims to address embedded designers' concern about security threats and fraudulent firmware repurposing.

Packaged in a 32x28mm ball grid array package, the 64GB SSD chip features a unique factory firmware lockdown technology to prevent covert firmware repurposing.

The self-encrypting drive (through hardware-based AES-256 XTS encryption) delivers multiple key management methods and advanced security features based on the company’s proven Microsemi Armor III processor technology. For sensitive applications, the encryption key can be erased in less than 30 milliseconds and a second security layer can be activated to erase the entire storage media in less than 10 seconds, virtually rendering data forensically unrecoverable.

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