650-V automotive MOSFETs in TO-247 outline

August 08, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
STMicroelectronics says its STW78N65M5 and STW62N65M5 are the industry’s first 650V AEC-Q101 automotive-qualified MOSFETs in the TO-247 package. The 650V rating provides greater safety margin when exposed to high-voltage spikes, enhancing the reliability of automotive power and control modules.

The two devices’ extremely low on-resistance (R DS(ON)) of 0.032Ω and 0.049Ω respectively, combined with the compact TO-247 outline, enhances system energy efficiency and power density.

The new devices owe their performance to ST’s MDmesh V super-junction technology, which produces high-voltage devices with very low R DS(ON) per die area allowing smaller package sizes. Gate charge (Q g) and input capacitance are also low, resulting in outstanding Q g x R DS(ON) figure of merit (FOM) with high switching performance and efficiency. In addition, superior avalanche robustness ensures increased ruggedness at sustained high-voltage operation. MDmesh V combines an innovative proprietary vertical process technology with STMicroelectronics’ PowerMESH horizontal architecture, achieving around 50% lower on-resistance than comparable MDmesh II devices. Prices are from $8.95 for the STW62N65M5 and $9.75 for the STW78N65M5 (1000).

ST; www.st.com/mdmeshv