650V H-bridge modules for soft- and hard-switching

February 02, 2017 // By Graham Prophet
Vincotech (Unterhaching, Germany) has added the fastPACK 0 MOS and fastPACK 1 MOS H-bridge power switch modules. Ultra efficient, reliable and robust, they are suitable for charger, SMPS and welding applications.

These modules feature a cost-effective H-bridge topology with MOSFETs and integrated capacitors in a rugged housing, which makes them suitable for both soft- and hard-switching applications. The fastPACK 0 MOS module is rated for 650V/80 mΩ and fastPACK 1 MOS for 40 mΩ – 20 mΩ. Both come with integrated fast body diodes that enable zero-voltrage switching for improved efficiency. They also provide limited voltage overshoot during hard commutation, thereby improving reliability and reducing EMI.

The modules are packaged, respectively, in the low-inductive 35 x 37 mm flow 0 housing; or in the 36 x 82 mm flow 1 housing. These two products feature reduced turn-on and turn-off delay times for easier controlling and less design effort.


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