650V ultrafast diodes reduce switching losses

May 30, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
A series of bare die devices offer rated currents from 2 to 150A and wide range of VF vs. trr ratios.

Vishay Intertechnology has released 11 Gen2 650 V FRED Pt Ultrafast diodes. The "H" family of bare die devices, suitable for applications working above 40 kHz, combine extremely fast and soft recovery time with low forward voltage drop and reverse leakage current to reduce switching losses in solar inverters, UPS, electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles, welding machines, servers, and continuous conduction mode power factor correction (CCM PFC). The "U" series, available on request for applications up to 40 KHz, offers a much lower forward voltage drop to optimise conduction losses.

These Ultrafast diodes are offered with a wide range of rated currents from 2A to 150A. The high blocking voltage capability of the devices allows designers to provide additional safety margins and increase power density in end products. Equivalent packaged devices are available on request.

To maximise efficiency, the diodes are offered with a wide range of forward voltage vs. reverse recovery time ratios. The devices feature typical reverse recovery times down to 28 nsec at +25 °C (di/dt = 200 A/µsec) and forward voltage down to 1.38V typical. For a more robust and cost-effective design, the diodes offer a maximum operating junction temperature of +175 °C.

Vishay Intertechnology, www.vishay.com