7-colour high power emitter for stage and effect lighting

April 04, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
LED Engin has configured a 7-colour, high power LED emitter, on a single substrate. The LZ7-04MU00 emitter enables the design of stage or architectural lighting that produces sophisticated effects over the full spectrum.

Its RGBW die are complemented by phosphor-converted (PC) amber, cyan and violet to provide richer, wide-ranging colour effects. PC amber delivers the same saturation as regular amber but with 5 times the flux at temperature, cyan fills the spectrum gap between blue and green, and violet enables black or crisp white lighting effects. Typical stage and studio applications include moving heads with zoom optics and round wash lights. In architectural lighting, the emitters enhance the performance of everything from static lights to linear wash lights.


The flat lens LZ7 emitter, which has a 7 x 7 mm footprint, comprises 7 individually addressable dice assembled onto a 3.8 mm light emitting surface and capped with a low profile glass lens. This ultra-thin construction means that mixing rods can be positioned as near as possible to the die to maximise coupling efficiency


LED Engin's multi-layer, multi-channel substrate technology underpins the performance of the LZ7. The substrate's thermal resistance is 1.4°C/W and it dissipates up to 20W effectively. RGBW individual dice can therefore be driven, one at a time, to a maximum current of 1.5A. Alternatively, a single amber, cyan or violet die can be driven at up to 1A. In a third operating mode, all dice can be driven simultaneously at 850mA.


LED Engin CEO, David Tahmassebi, said, "There is growing demand for stage lighting that's capable of creating ever more dazzling and complex effects. Our latest 7-colour technology breakthrough means that fixture designers can deliver these without suffering the design complexity experienced when using multiple single-die LEDs."


LED Engin; www.ledengin.com/files/products/LZ7/LZ7-04MU00.pdf


Mixing rods designed for LZ7 emitters are available from Fraen