700 MHz to 2700 MHz PA, now with a single output device

December 10, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
Freescale's small-footprint AFT27S006N and AFT27S010N RF transistors are claimed to be the industry’s first to cover all major cellular bands while delivering 20 dB to 24 dB of gain

Two new Airfast RF power solutions cover all major cellular infrastructure bands and deliver leading gain in a compact package. The AFT27S006N delivers 6W of peak power and is the next-generation follow-on to the MW6S004N product – a driver deployed broadly in world-class wireless infrastructure installations worldwide. Freescale is also adding a higher power device to this family, called the AFT27S010N, which delivers 10W of peak power.

Both devices feature wide frequency range (700 MHz to 2700 MHz) and single-stage gain (20 dB to 24 dB), together with an ultra-small footprint package (PLD-1.5W) making them well suited for macro base station MIMO applications rated up to 40W average power. Many competitive solutions require customers to deploy multiple RF devices to support this range, but the AFT27S006N and AFT27S010 support this cellular band range with a single power amplifier.

The broad frequency range of these new transistors means they can also be used as universal driver devices for a wide array of additional RF applications. The AFT27S006N (6W) and AFT27S010N (10W) are in production now.

Freescale; www.freescale.com/RFpower