72-bit WIDE DDR2 memory, with space qualification

May 06, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
3D Plus, maker of Space-Qualified high density memories, has introduced a space-grade 72bit wide DDR2 memory, the 3D2D4G72UB3478; it is a high-speed highly integrated DDR2 SDRAM organised as 64M x72bits and is suited for use in high reliability, high performance and high density system applications, such as space computing boards to interface directly with Xilinx Virtex FPGAs.

The 3D2D4G72UB3478 is packaged in a 191 BGA available with lead-free or leaded balls, is radiation tolerant and is available in industrial and specific temperature range for high reliability

space applications. Pierre-Eric Berthet, VP Marketing and Sales at 3D PLUS, comments, “We are able to offer the first space qualified wide data bus DDR2 Memory module targeted for Virtex-5QV FPGAs and DDR2 interface IP. The Virtex-5QV, which are Rad-Hard by design, is being rapidly adopted by the Space community. By coupling Xilinx Virtex-5QV FPGAs with 3D Plus’ 72bit DDR2 memory modules, our mutual customers are achieving the best computing performance for space qualified electronics”.

The memory uses core & I/O supply voltage of 1.8V +/- 0.1V; has data rate of 400, 553, or 667 Mbps; has on-die termination and embedded bypass capacitors for excellent signal integrity. Its radation tolerance is TID greater than 50 krad(Si); SEL LET Threshold greater than 60Mev.cm 2/mg; and SEU characterised. It occupies a 29 x 19 x 7.6 mm package and weighs 6 gr.

The photographs show the 32% saving in PCB area and 55% saving in interconnections, in a typical board layout with the Xilinx FPGA, vs, a discrete approach.

3D Plus, www.3d-plus.com