72-Mbit high-density, high-bandwidth video frame buffer

November 14, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
Cypress Semiconductor has added a high-density video frame buffer for high-bandwidth video buffering. The 72-Mbit device is based on Cypress’s industry-leading SRAM technology, operating as a FIFO memory with independent read and write ports for fast data transfer.

The CYFB0072 video frame buffer provides an effective alternative to standard DRAM-based FIFO memories. The device delivers enhanced signal integrity and operates at frequencies up to 133 MHz with throughput up to 4.8 Gbps—commonly required for buffering video frames. With the ability to operate in any system that needs buffering at high speeds across different clock domains, the video frame buffers are suitable for a wide range of video and image processing applications, including picture-in-picture and interlacing in HD cameras, scan rate conversion in broadcast equipment, image scanning and enhancement in medical equipment, and radar and sonar in military systems.

The 72-Mbit video frame buffer is configured 36-bit-wide. Unlike DRAM-based buffer solutions, it operates in the industrial temperature range of -40 to +85°C and does not require an external crystal. The device is built in LVCMOS, with the CYFB0072V33L device supporting 3.3V operation and the CYFB0072V18 device supporting 1.8V operation. It comes in a 14 x 22 mm 209-ball BGA package.

Cypress Semiconductor; www.cypress.com