800 MHz GSM notch filter delivers high rejection

November 29, 2012 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Model AS816N335 from Anatech Electronics is a high Q notch filter designed for 800 MHz GSM applications that has very sharp transition characteristics from the stopband to the passbands, and high rejection of -70 dB. It is an excellent choice for use in base station applications, either indoors or outdoors.

The Model AS816N335 has a notch center frequency of 816.5 MHz, notch of 816 to 817 MHz, low-side passband beginning at 809 MHz and high side passband beginning at 821 MHz. Passband return loss is at least 18 dB. The filter measures 43.7- x 7.9- x 5.6-cm (17.2- x 3.1- x 2.2-inches and uses female Type-N connectors.