900V and 950V power MOSFET family tackles emerging Eco-Design standards

September 06, 2012 // By Julien Happich
apable of withstanding peak voltages up to 950V, the super-junction technology from STMicroelectronics enables MOSFETs to achieve higher operating voltages with very low electrical on-resistance in relation to device size

The SuperMESH 5 fifth-generation super-junction family of devices are the company's first MOSFETs to use this technology. They include the 900V STx21N90K5, 950V STx20N95K5 and 950V STx6N95K5 in various package options. The STL23N85K5 850V variant in the PowerFLAT 8x8 HV high-voltage surface-mount package has a footprint of 64mm 2, which is 56% smaller than the industry-standard D2PAK package. In addition, its mounted height of 1mm is 77% lower than D2PAK allowing use in ultra-slim designs. For the 900V STP21N90K5, the Figure of Merit (FOM), which indicates the device’s overall energy efficiency when turned on as well as when switching on or off, is 62.5% better than the only comparable alternative device in the market. This enables designers to achieve an appreciable efficiency increase simply by using the STP21N90K5 rather than the competing device.

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