Active-display spectacles development kit, in distribution

March 24, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
From distributor RS Components, a developer kit based around Sony’s SmartEyeglass - Developer Edition - gives Android developers everything needed to create imaginative apps for convenient hands-free working.

RS Components calls the offering an ‘accessible development platform for smart eyeglasses’ that are ideal for boosting workplace productivity, through services such as easy access to assembly instructions, hands-free label scanning, or recording events such as product inspections.


The SED-E1 SmartEyeglass Developer Edition, developed by Sony Corporation, comprises a Software Development Kit (SDK) and lightweight eyewear with a wired controller. The eyewear lenses contain a binocular high-transparency display capable of superimposing text, symbols or images over the wearer’s natural field of view using micro-display technology. The depth of the overlaid information can be dynamically adjusted. A set of sensors is also integrated, including a 3Mpixel camera for taking pictures or video, as well as an accelerometer, gyroscope, electronic compass, and brightness sensor. The controller contains the battery, a speaker, microphone, and touch sensor for navigating system features.

Using the SDK, the developer can build an Android app to run on a smartphone, which communicates with the controller via Bluetooth or WLAN. The system selects WLAN automatically when in camera mode. The SDK is downloaded free of charge, and contains sample code and an emulator. API references, tutorials, in-depth developer guides, and guidelines for testing and publishing apps are also available, to help with getting started.


In addition to industrial applications, the eyeglasses are also suitable for general-purpose augmented-reality or gaming. They are easy to wear, weighing only 77g and permitting over 85% outside-light transmittance, making them suitable for end-user deployment as well as prototyping.


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