Active OR-ing controller operates at 200V, safe margins for 48V rails

July 27, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
For power systems that use redundancy to achieve high reliability, the ZXGD3111N7 active OR-ing MOSFET controller has a 200V maximum drain voltage.

This increase in V DRAIN from the previously announced 40V ZXGD3108N8 allows this latest device to address requirements in 48V common rail systems where the outputs of two or more power supplies are OR’ed together in order to provide redundancy. In addition to its 200V rating the ZXGD3111N7 has a low turn-off threshold voltage with a tight tolerance of -5mV to -1mV. This improves stability under light load conditions when using low R DS(ON) MOSFETs.


The ZXGD3111N7 is designed to work with a FET to create an ideal diode that replaces the blocking diodes typically used in common rail designs. A 5A sink current capability allows fast discharge of the gates in the paralleled OR-ing MOSFETS and its under-600nsec turn-off specification avoids reverse current flow and any voltage drop on the common rail. The device has a standby power consumption of <50 mW with a quiescent supply current of <1 mA.


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