ADC is smallest-available, true-bipolar ±5V, 16-bit device

August 05, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Maxim Integrated has posted details of the MAX11166, a 16-bit, 500 ksample/sec, SAR ADC that offers AC and DC performance with true bipolar input range, small size, and internal reference.

The MAX11166 measures a ±5V (10 Vp-p) input range while operating from a single 5V supply. A charge-pump architecture allows direct sampling of high-impedance sources. The MAX11166 integrates an optional internal reference and buffer.

These ADCs achieve 92.9 dB SNR and -103 dB THD. The MAX11166 guarantees 16-bit no-missing codes and ±0.4 LSB INL (typical). It communicates using an SPI-compatible serial interface at 2.5V, 3V, 3.3V, or 5V logic. The serial interface can be used to daisy-chain multiple ADCs in parallel for multichannel applications and provides a ‘busy’ indicator option for simplified system synchronisation and timing.

The part comes in a 12-pin, 3 x 3 mm, TDFN package and is specified over the -40°C to +85°C temperature range. Use it, Maxim suggests, in ATE, data acquisition, industrial control, systems/process control, and medical instrumentation

Features include;

High DC/AC accuracy improves measurement quality

16-bit resolution with no missing codes

500 ksps throughput rates without pipeline delay/latency

92.9 dB SNR and -103 dB THD at 10 kHz

0.5 LSBRMS transition noise

±0.2 LSB DNL (typ) and ±0.4 LSB INL (typ)

Highly integrated ADC saves cost and space

±6 ppm/°C internal reference

Internal reference buffer

±5V bipolar analogue input range

Wide supply range and low power simplify power-supply design

5V analogue supply

2.3V to 5V digital supply

25.5 mW power consumption at 500 ksps

10 µA in shutdown mode

Multi-industry standard serial interface and small package reduce size

SPI/QSPI/MICROWIRE/DSP-compatible serial interface

3 x 3 mm tiny 12-pin TDFN package

Maxim Integrated;