Add capacitive touch to a panel with a flexible, rollable film

February 13, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Zytronic has applied its projected capacitive touch sensing technology to the form factor of a rollable and extremely flexible touch film – complementing its range of glass touch sensors.

The flexible film uses the company’s Multi-touch Projected Capacitive Technology (MPCT), and is aimed at retail and other digital signage applications that require large, eye-catching interactive displays.

The film gives designers the option of creating their own touch screen displays by laminating the film on to the rear of a transparent substrate – such as a shop window – and combining it with a projector or LCD. Available in sizes up to 85 inches (2.15m), the polyester touch foils can be deployed in semi-permanent and permanent applications when correctly laminated to a suitable substrate.

Used in conjunction with Zytronic’s ZXY200 and ZXY300 multi-touch controllers, the touch foils are capable of detecting up to 40 simultaneous touch points through glass thicknesses of 10 mm. This results in a cost effective interactive solution with, the company says, class-leading touch performance. The thinner construction of the new ZYFILM touch foils mean that they can be packed in tubes when shipped in small quantities – minimising transportation costs.

When mounted on the rear surface of a protective substrate, the projected capacitive sensor is well protected and resilient to public use. This, coupled with its one time calibration and absence of drift, translates into high levels of reliability.

Zytronic presents the product as enabling designers to use its touch technology, “regardless of the physical format of their end application. This new film delivers a highly flexible solution – in all senses of the word – and will enable brand owners to engage with customers in creative and productive ways.”

‘How to’ videos providing an insight into the application of MPCT ZYFILM to any window or glass front are at; and