Add tactile feedback to consumer and industrial products with haptic driver

April 02, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
Texas Instruments has introduced a device it claims as the industry’s only ERM/LRA haptic driver, pre-loaded with a library of 123 distinct haptic effects designed and licensed by Immersion, developer and licensor of touch feedback technology.

The DRV2605 is a haptic driver that adds realistic tactile feedback effects to consumer and industrial products. You might use it in smartphones, tablets, ebooks, refrigerators, microwave ovens, and washing machines. The DRV2605 is the only eccentric rotating mass actuator (ERM) and linear resonant actuator (LRA) haptic driver pre-loaded with a library of 123 distinct haptic effects designed and licensed by Immersion. The DRV2605 also features a smart loop architecture that reduces startup and braking time by half, delivers twice the vibration strength, and consumes half the power of alternative methods. “Licensing Immersion’s haptic effects library for the DRV2605 provides the convenience of one-stop shopping and rapid time-to-market,” said Shreharsha Rao, manager for Haptics Products at Texas Instruments. “In addition, the DRV2605’s smart loop architecture delivers the high performance consumer designers need to employ haptics in their products. And designers of household appliances can confidently implement capacitive touch buttons with haptics, in place of mechanical buttons, to boost reliability and extend button life.”

You can achieve reduced system complexity as the pre-loaded Immersion haptic effects library offers a range of distinct and differentiated tactile effects for touch screen feedback, giving users a more satisfying and realistic experience. An audio-to-haptics mode automatically converts audio from music, movies or games into haptic effects. The audio mode adds a vibrating bass enhancement that allows users to feel and fully experience audio and video content.

The Smart loop architecture offers automatic overdriving and braking for ERMs and LRAs, which simplifies software programming and reduces startup and braking time. Automatic resonance tracking for the LRA delivers twice the vibration force at half the power of competitive solutions. In addition, the automatic actuator diagnostics and level tracking feature delivers consistent acceleration over a range of environmental conditions. The device occupies a 1.5 x 1.5-mm outline and you can use it with any member of TI’s touch screen controller family to create a complete touch screen solution.