Adeneo Embedded is now Witekio, software integrator

September 15, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Adeneo Embedded has until now positioned itself as an embedded- and mobile-software developer. A change of company name marks a shift in emphasis to functioning as a system software integrator, reflecting the trends that the company sees acting in the embedded market.

Witekio notes trends such as increasing complexity in each of the hardware, software and breadth of technologies that the embedded developer must content with. Microcontrollers become multi-core processors; software may be assembled from diverse pieces of IP, possibly in more than one language; systems must be conceived and operated with the requirements of every level from bare hardware to links to the cloud, and to big-data processing, kept in mind.


At the same time, the typical system developer is changing. Classically, the embedded system company was device-centric with strong but relatively narrowly focussed skills, in areas such as hardware and low-level software. It is increasingly difficult, Witekio says, to keep that model of design deam up to date and sufficiently broadly skilled. A new class of developer is more data and end-application-centric, and is looking for a solution, not a device. In contrast to their predecessors, they may not be as strong in low-level software.


The result, Witekio says, can be problems in areas such as project leadership, and management of the overall risks of integrating all of the elements needed to bring a project to completion. It is to meet this need that the company has re-shaped its offering. It believes that the future success of embedded projects will no longer mainly depend on technical expertise but the ability to optimize the system software integration.


Witekio is headquartered in France, and has more than 90 engineers on 3 continents, embodying complete OS and software skills and a system level approach. Witekio will provide worldwide support, training and engineering services to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) who are developing advanced software layer solutions for embedded systems and connected devices.


Changes in the embedded market imply the need for a strong know-how about architecture design, hardware and software compatibility, interaction testing, IP integration, and a deep multi OS and multi technologies expertise. This