ADI’s iCoupler digital isolators improve signal/noise performance

October 30, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Analog Devices claims the most robust digital isolator series with the best combination of signal reliability, safety and performance; ADUM140 is based on the company’s iCoupler digital isolation technology, and ensures safe system performance in noisy, harsh and unpredictable healthcare and industrial environments.

Advances in healthcare technology are pushing design boundaries by requiring wired patient monitors to function continuously during defibrillation. These high-voltage transients put a great burden on designing a dependable, connected medical system. To protect data signals in this unpredictable environment, the iCoupler digital isolators feature surge protection tested at 16 kVpk and withstand voltage ratings up to 5 kVrms. iCoupler digital isolators can replace bulky optocouplers in harsh medical environments with a more compact solution.

Modern high-speed communications used in factory automation must be isolated from electrical noise caused by arc welding and other equipment in order to avoid signal interference. ADI’s iCoupler digital isolators provide high noise immunity and surpass previous digital isolator options to ensure signal integrity. By combining high-speed CMOS and monolithic air core transformer technology and an on-off-keying (OOK) architecture, these digital isolators offer the highest available noise immunity, lowest EMI and highest surge capability.

Features include;

16 kVpk basic and 10-kV reinforced surge protection ratings,

5 kVrms withstand, 600 Vrms working voltage

150 Mbps throughput, 13 nsec max propagation delay, 100 kV/µsec CMTI

Supply range: 1.7 V to 5.5 V

1 to 4 input channels, choice of default state, and input/output disable, pin compatible to prior generations.

Pricing ranges from $1.29 to $3.15 (1000) in 8- or 16-lead SOIC, spanning 1-, 3-, or 4-channel versions.

Analog Devices;