Advanced Semiconductor Engineering puts $60million into Cypress subsidiary

April 29, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
ASE and Deca Technologies – a subsidiary company of Cypress Semiconductor have signed a deal in which ASE Licenses Deca’s M-Series Fan-out Wafer-Level Packaging Technology (FOWLP), and ASE will invest $60 million in Deca.

The agreement, say the two companies, will expands the manufacturing of miniaturized semiconductor packages for smartphones and IoT; as part of the agreement, ASE and Deca will jointly develop the M-Series fan-out manufacturing process and will expand production of chip-scale packages using this technology. Deca’s version of this technology uses autoline technology developed by SunPower to decrease cost and manufacturing cycle time.


Semiconductor packaging faces the problem that chips using advanced silicon technologies are so small that all of the input and output balls cannot fit on the surface of the chip using conventional wafer-level chip-scale packaging (WLCSP) technology. Deca’s M-Series addresses this challenge with a FOWLP approach, where very small silicon chips are embedded into a larger plastic chip, and the CSP balls are redistributed onto both the native silicon chip and the expanded plastic chip. M-Series enables industry-leading manufacturability for FOWLP using Deca’s Adaptive Patterning technology, which tracks the alignment of each silicon IC in the redistributed plastic package. ASE has found M-Series to be a viable and effective high-volume manufacturing FOWLP solution.


The ASE Group describes itself as the world's largest provider of independent semiconductor manufacturing services in assembly, test, materials and design manufacturing; the group develops and offers a wide portfolio of technology and solutions including IC test program design, front-end engineering test, wafer probe, wafer bump, substrate design and supply, wafer level package, flip chip, system-in-package, final test and electronic manufacturing services;


Founded in 2009 and launched in November 2011, Deca Technologies is an electronic interconnect solutions provider offering wafer-level packaging (WLP) services to the semiconductor industry;


Deca was founded, and Cypress Semiconductor evolved, under the leadership of T.J Rodgers as CEO and President (of Cypress), who has recently announced that he is stepping down from that role. Rodgers says that he intends to continue his association with Cypress, and will seek to pursue a single project. Rodgers indicates