Agile signal generator for complex multi-emitter simulations

October 02, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Keysight Technologies' N5193A UXG is an agile signal generator, an off-the-shelf instrument that enables highly realistic and scalable threat simulations for aerospace/defence applications. The UXG is also a dependable slide-in replacement for the legacy fast-switching local oscillators (LOs) often used in large, dedicated simulation systems.

To produce realistic multi-threat scenarios, the UXG can switch frequency, amplitude and phase settings in as little as 250 nsec, and it provides built-in phase repeatability. This is made possible by direct digital synthesis technology and a digital-to-analogue converter (DAC) that is Keysight's own development.

When simulating advanced radar signals, the UXG can generate pulses as narrow as 5 nsec with 1 nsec rise/fall times and an 80 dB on/off ratio. The UXG can also produce chirps as wide as 10 to 25% of the carrier frequency. To mimic antenna scan patterns, the optional attenuator provides 80 dB of agile amplitude changes and 120 dB of overall amplitude range.

Andy Botka, vice president and general manager of Keysight's Microwave and Communications Division comments, “Because the UXG is fluent in the language of electronic warfare (EW) systems, it accelerates the integration of newly acquired intelligence into up-to-date signal scenarios.”

With the ability to directly understand pulse descriptor words (PDWs), the UXG reduces programming time. For system testing, pre-defined scenarios can be created and stored in UXG memory for playback using list mode, and on-the-fly control can be triggered by external events.

At three rack units (3U) high, the UXG is a slide-in replacement for legacy fast-switching sources. To minimise the need for software changes, the standard UXG is code-compatible with Aeroflex sources. The UXG also can be connected directly with existing wiring and cabling through trigger- and hardware-connector compatibility and a fast BCD input/output interface.

UXG builds on design concepts used in Keysight’s PSG, MXG and EXG signal generators. The UXG has also passed rigorous environmental testing including temperature, humidity and shock.

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