Agilent SystemVue & Mentor Questa software linked for co-validation

June 12, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Agilent’s SystemVue 2013.08 Service Pack 1 supports co-simulation with the Questa functional verification platform from Mentor Graphics. System architects and FPGA designers are now able to cross-validate RF and DSP architectures directly, and carry out design iterations in high-performance applications, such as radar and communications.

The facility will accelerate wireless/defence design validation, Agilent says, yielding earlier integration debugs, and the facility to verify “RF + FPGA” designs.

The new co-simulation capability between SystemVue and the Questa platform unlocks faster speed and line-by-line troubleshooting across the baseband signal processing and RF system domains, unifying model-based design practices for collaborating workgroups. SystemVue is Agilent's EDA platform for electronic system-level design and verification. The Questa functional verification platform enables rapid coverage closure, low-power verification, fully automated formal-based verification, support for Universal Verification Methodology, and unified debug.

The link also provides Questa users with access to SystemVue’s wireless standards references, accurate RF modelling, and wideband test and measurement waveforms. Critical signal path hardware designs in Questa can now be validated against real-world test vectors and specifications prior to actual system integration. “Next-generation wideband systems must account for both RF and FPGA implementation effects while being verified against complex standards and electronic warfare conditions,” Agilent adds.

Agilent’s SystemVue 2013.08 Service Pack 1 is now available for download at

A free, 30-day evaluation copy is available at