Air/water heat exchangers serve high-power-density cabinet installations

October 22, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
Enclosure system company Pentair has extended its IT infrastructure product line with a series of air/water heat exchangers. The Schroff Varistar SHX30 in-row heat exchanger has been designed for cooling cabinets with high thermal loads installed in an aisle containment.

Heat exchangers are added to the cabinets as a modular unit within the containment and are scaled to match the planned packaging density. Redundancy is also implemented. The basic unit is 300 mm wide and can be supplied in different heights (2000 or 2200 mm) and depths (1000 or 1200 mm). It is simple to configure to suit the appropriate requirements of the IT structure using individual cabinet components. Cooling modules can be units with one power supply unit or two (redundancy) as well as water connection points at the top or bottom. The cooling units are each fitted with six hot swap-capable fans and are regulated by internal and external temperature sensors. For monitoring purposes, an Ethernet interface and a Web interface are provided. With a water inlet temperature of 12°C and an air exit temperature of 24°C the module delivers a cooling capacity of 34 kW.

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