All-programmable video platform allows ‘any to any’ video connectivity

March 26, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Xilinx has an offering for the professional video sector that it says enables any media, over any network; this generation of solutions for 4K/Ultra-HD and 8K/Super Hi Vision includes ‘any to any’ video connectivity, video processing, and development boards that enable designers to rapidly build ultra-high quality video systems for the broadcast and professional a/v markets.

As 4K/Ultra-HD becomes the de facto resolution in consumer applications, Xilinx notes, the broadcast and professional a/v markets must create even more immersive experiences targeting not only 4K, but next generation 8K/Super Hi Vision. Equipment makers must push the boundaries on existing resolutions including HD and 4K/Ultra-HD to produce hyper-realistic video that removes motion blur artifacts in fast-moving scenes. The market dictates enhanced pixel quality through deeper colour depth, higher dynamic range, and increasing frame rates.

In order to support these mandates, Xilinx is delivering a comprehensive suite of solutions for advanced video system development. This new generation of solutions includes support for ‘any to any’ connectivity, video processing and development boards to rapidly develop and deploy 4K/Ultra-HD and 8K/Super Hi Vision systems, and provide the flexibility to enable any media over any network.

· New Suite of ‘any to any’ Video Connectivity: HDMI 1.4/2.0; DisplayPort 1.2 with support for HDCP; and the new 6G/12G versions of SDI. These Xilinx developed and supported interfaces will allow developers to support the latest industry standards for 8K/Super Hi Vision and 4K/Ultra-HD systems.

· Advanced Video Processing for 4K/Ultra-HD and 8K/Super Hi Vision: Xilinx supports advanced, all programmable video processing for 4K/Ultra-HD and 8K/Super Hi Vision through a programmable video processor provided by Omnitek. To speed up evaluation and development, the Omnitek Scalable Video Processing Suite is built into new versions of the Real-Time Video Engine, a free reference design from Xilinx that allows developers to rapidly implement a 4K/Ultra-HD video system in weeks rather than months. This video processing suite performs key video functions including de-interlacing, scaling, and overlays, while supporting refresh rates up to 60 frames per second, and allowing designers to add their own differentiated video algorithms. Multiple instances of this video processor can be implemented in a single Xilinx device enabling developers to create dense, multi-channel products.

· Comprehensive Video-specific Development Platforms: A complete portfolio of video interface breakout