Altium links component search engine spanning 200 distributors to design software

March 21, 2014 // By Paul Buckley and Graham Prophet
Altium has entered a partnership with Octopart in in a programme that runs within Altium Designer; Octopart is a provider of an electronic parts search engine used by many engineers to find and compare parts across different manufacturers and distributors.

Around 70-80% of the life cycle cost for a new product, Altium asserts, is a direct result of decisions made during the design phase. This is because designers are creating a blueprint for everyone else to follow and is the reason why it is very important to have the right information to make prudent decisions early in the design process. Octopart aggregates and normalises component data from many sources, providing component search, selection and supply chain needs.

As a first result of the joint activities with Octopart, every Altium Designer user on a current license will get access to an Altium Designer extension, providing immediate and fast access to electronic components from over 200 distributors – from inside Altium Designer’s schematic editor, early in the design development process.

The Octopart extension for Altium Designer allows users to search for information from a large number of additional distributors. As an integral part of Altium Designer’s “Design to Cost” solution, information from suppliers like Digikey, Farnell, Arrow, Allied, Newark, Mouser or TME is built into the tool. Further background about the positive Impact of Supply Chain Visibility on Design-to-Cost, is available from this white paper .