Altium sets up open Beta programme for community-driven, free PCB design tool

May 18, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
The latest stage in the development of Altium's CircuitMaker is to make it available for Use worldwide as part of an open beta testing programme.

CircuitMaker will be available worldwide to all interested electronics designers, and aims to address the specific needs of the electronics maker and hobbyist community with a free software offering. All those interested in participating in the open beta can register now at the CircuitMaker website, with invitations being sent out from week of May 18, 2015.

“We’re excited to see how the CircuitMaker community will grow and evolve during this open beta program,” said Ben Jordan, Product Manager at Altium. “The electronics maker community has always been characterised by a very organic and collaborative growth process, and now electronics designers at all scales have CircuitMaker with which to voice their creativity.”

Altium adds that the growth of the electronics maker community has created a niche market and, the company believes the need for a specialised PCB design tool. Altium has committed itself to addressing the need of this growing community with a PCB design tool focused on open hardware and shared design resources.

The open beta testing program allows anyone to download and begin using CircuitMaker today and become part of a growing electronics design community where designs can be shared and collaborated on. This open beta process will also provide feedback and input to refine CircuitMaker, for electronic designers in the maker community.

CircuitMaker will be available at no cost to anyone interested in using the software, with no limits to design capability. Altium says that the PCB design tool offers a, “polished and streamlined” design tool for the maker community with features such as: