Altium speeds design using FTDI's EVE HMI

November 21, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
Altium in cooperation with FTDI has announced board design support and PCB design content for Altium Designer users supporting the FTDI FT800 family of HMI solutions, the Embedded Video Engine

The FT800 family, with its EVE (Embedded Video Engine) Technology, combines display, audio and touch in a single chip reducing board area, power and BOM requirements

By releasing board design content to support the FTDI FT800 family, Altium eliminates the need for engineers to spend time developing and validating PCB footprints, schematic symbols and 3D component bodies for the FTDI components. The content release includes live supply chain solutions providing an accurate picture of overall project BOM cost, and assisting in sourcing the components quickly.

Altium continues to maintain board design libraries for all FTDI device families:

FT800, Embedded Video Engine HMI Solutions.

FT-X, Low power, low pin count, Full Speed USB interface bridges.

FT12, USB Full Speed Device Controllers.

Vinculum Family, USB Host / Slave Controllers.

FT300, USB Host / Android Open Accessory (AOA) Solutions.

FT Series, USB Slave Controllers.


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