AMD expands low-power, G-series embedded processor family

February 25, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Three SoC additions deliver a range of performance options for gaming, imaging, industrial control, and other common x86 applications

The 3rd generation of AMD Embedded G-Series SoCs and the Embedded G-Series LX SoC provide, AMD says, a wider ortfolio of performance options. The latest offerings expand developers’ ability to scale x86 platforms, starting with the entry-level AMD Embedded G-Series LX SoC, which is pin compatible to the previous generation G-Series SoC devices.

Also released are two higher performing 3rd-generation AMD Embedded G-Series SoCs, codenamed “Prairie Falcon” and “Brown Falcon,” which introduce for the first time pin compatibility for G-series processors with the higher performance AMD Embedded R-Series SoC.

The devices expand on the low power capabilities of the Embedded G-Series SoC platform; the company emphasises the degree of scaling in performance, power, and price across the CPU, GPU, multimedia, and I/O controller hardware.

Together, these G-Series processors deliver immersive, graphically rich experiences across a broad range of platforms, from entry-level to mainstream gaming, digital signage, imaging, and industrial control. Two of the parts are in the same package as the higher-performance R-Series,

The low-power AMD Embedded G-Series is designed to deliver graphics and system performance, all in a compact, energy efficient SoC with low power consumption and significant memory bandwidth for mainstream embedded applications. With impressive gains in compute and graphics performance compared to the prior generation embedded G-Series, the additions to the lineup are

aimed at thin clients, IP set-top boxes, and TVs, casino gaming, industrial control and automation, digital signage, and communications networks. The new models include “Excavator” x86 CPU cores and 3rd generation Graphics Core Next (GCN) graphics with support for OpenGL ES, OpenCL, DirectX 12, and EGL. For greater design flexibility, the new 3rd Generation Embedded G-Series SoCs, and the prior AMD Embedded R-Series SoC are also all pin compatible. They have;

- Up to 2 “Excavator” x86 cores

- AMD Radeon™ graphics (up to 4 GCN compute units2)

- 4K x 2K H.265 decode (10-bit compatibility on select devices) & multi-format encode

& decode