AMD revises "mobile accelerated processing" configurations to address changing markets

May 23, 2013 // By Julien Happich
AMD has added three products to its 2013 A-Series and E-Series Mobile Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) lineup, addressing today's evolving PC market with dramatically increased performance and power efficiency,

The 2013 AMD Elite Mobility APU (formerly codenamed “Temash”) is claimed to be the world’s first 28nm, quad-core x86 system-on-a-chip (SoC) APU designed for touch on small form-factor notebooks, tablets, and hybrids of 13-in screens and below;

The 2013 AMD Mainstream APU (formerly codenamed “Kabini”) is announced as a quad-core x86 SoC solution for entry-level and small-form factor touch notebooks; the low-power versions of the 2013 AMD Elite Performance APU (formerly codenamed “Richland”) offers the best graphics and compute in a performance APU for premium ultrathin notebooks, says the company.

The Elite Mobility APU available as AMD A-Series APUs comes in dual (A4) and quad-core (A6) configurations, combining “Jaguar” x86 Central Processing Unit (CPU) cores with Graphics Core Next AMD Radeon HD 8000 Series graphics. It delivers up to 172% more CPU performance per Watt and up to 212% better graphics performance per Watt than its predecessor, and up to 12 hours of "resting" battery life. It is also claimed to offer up to 45% longer battery life and nearly five times more GPU performance than the competition. It brings full support for 1080p touch display capability and full Microsoft Windows compatibility, including support for “Windows Blue.”

The 2013 AMD Mainstream APU combines either two or four “Jaguar” x86 CPU cores with Graphics Core Next AMD Radeon HD 8000 Series graphics, enabling high levels of visual performance and full-day battery life. It is said to deliver up to 132% better visual performance per Watt and up to 127% better productivity performance per Watt, plus up to 25% better power efficiency than previous generations, with up to 11 hours of idle battery life.

The 2013 AMD Elite Performance APUs, with its A8 and A10 models, deliver up to 12% better productivity performance and between 20-40% better visual performance than the previous generation, including up to 51% more power efficiency in HD video playback and up to 13 hours of resting battery