American Sensor Technologies opens a blog for pressure instrumentation

February 15, 2013 // By Julien Happich
American Sensor Technologies has launched a new blog for pressure instrumentation and related items. The company hopes to keep customers up to date with the latest product updates, inform visitors of new developments within the sensor industry, and educate the marketplace on how sensors are being used and applied.

With factors such as liquid and gas compatibility, environmental conditions, mechanical installation and electrical installation, the selection of a pressure transducer can become overwhelming. By increasing the amount of information available in an easily searchable blog database, AST hopes increase awareness while highlighting its expertise.

“The intent of the blog is to share information outside of the scope of a standard datasheet or product page.” says Greg Montrose, Marketing Manager. “We expect the blog will help us communicate information faster in a user-friendly environment.” AST has begun posting to the blog with topics ranging for oxygen pressure transducers to eliminating diaphragm seals.

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